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about us

Like in an old-fashioned house of ill repute, I have created a place that promotes meetings. Money is not the engine and I do not sell bodies. My brothel is an open space, populated by passers-by who are looking for a beautiful object with a history, with a soul. My brothel of restored phonographs has vinyl underwear, turntables to make them sing and needles to translate their grooves into music. I exhibit turntables, vintage record players, jewelry and, sometimes, by chance someone deposits collectable 33 rpm vinyl discs there.


I created my brothel on a whim, in a recycling center.  Thirsty for discoveries, I like to explore improbable places, sure to find old throwaways there, that I strive to restore or that I transform to revive them again.  My first Lenco was waiting for me there in one of those centers and I brought it back to the workshop, impatient to discover its undersides, its cogs and its wheels and to listen to it singing again.

Jeweler by trade, I am passionate about a job well done, beautiful materials and inhabited objects. This Lenco turntable brought together all these passions: its restoration required the love of fine mechanics, creation, aesthetics and the sound of yesteryear. 


Little by little, I had the chance to meet René, a retired man passionate about vintage turntables, which he restores with tenderness and precision. Every Tuesday, he helps me understand, appreciate and breathe new life into these old phonographs, real time-capsules, memories of the 60’s. Getting out of my brothel and hunting for record players from those early years became an important motor of discovery for me.  


This passion feeds my insatiable curiosity. It makes me travel through Switzerland and neighboring countries, meet these abandoned souls with endearing personalities and discover the sometimes improbable places where they hide. I then bring them back to my workshop where I restore them, transform them and offer them to the curious who venture into my phonographic brothel.   Welcome!

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